Bucket bag from a vintage hand woven cotton sarong from Timor, paired with grey pebbled leather and a silver Tuareg pendant.

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 

For me, it's all about the textiles and how they are made. I am fascinated with the design and processes involved in creating fabric, whether it's woven by hand on a small loom, dipped in a dye bucket, or printed from an original design. There are so many steps and so many hands involved in the making of even the simplest fabric.

There are artisans the world over who, every day, create beautiful fabrics.  Turkish kilims are hand spun and hand woven wool, Bogolanfini are dyed with mud, cottons from India are printed with wooden blocks, carved by hand.  Indian women take six cotton saris and hand stitch them together.  Their culture, their traditions and their legacy are held in each of these amazing textiles.

I take these world textiles, some considered past their prime, and repurpose them into purses and bags, breathing new life into them, each with their own character and patina, each one unique, and in doing so, pay homage to the rich legacies they represent. Some of the new textiles used are sourced from artisans working today, such as block printed cottons from India and some of the mud cloths from Mali.  In purchasing these purses, you can support these artisans, giving them employment and honouring their craft.

Zippered day bag in silk screened linen with leather straps.

Lately, though, I have been doing my own hand painting and silk screening on fabrics, exploring my own creativity in designing.  Things made from these designs will slowly make their way into my shop.  They are so much fun to do, and hope my enthusiasm and joy for textiles comes through in my work.

I greatly appreciate the time you spend browsing through my shop.  Enjoy!


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