'The Fly' in sturdy black cotton canvas, screen printed with eco-friendly dyes. Adjustable fabric strap and four inside pockets.

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 

For me, it's all about the textiles and how they are made. I am fascinated with the design and processes involved in creating fabric, whether it's woven by hand on a small loom, dipped in a dye bucket, or printed from an original design.  

But beautiful design doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment.  I use natural and repurposed textiles wherever possible and always choose materials with the smallest ecological footprint.  Sourcing textiles that are free from harsh chemicals and dyes, means gorgeous, authentic designs that are better for you, better for the earth, better for all of us.

I am a jeans and sneakers kind of person, a bit of an aging hippie, so the purses I made all have a relaxed, bohemian vibe.  The designs are simple and practical, with adjustable straps and lots of pockets, and the prints I create are simple, bold and graphic.  Nothing fussy or frilly in my work, only natural fibres, conscientiously dyed, and everything I create can be worn with jeans.


'Kathy the Kantha Bag' made from a repurposed hand stitched, cotton Kantha quilt from India, with 5 pockets and an adjustable cotton strap.  Great with jeans.


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